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VoIP Broadband Phone Service 

 What Kind of Benefits Can You Get With VoIP or the Internet Voice?

 VoIP is one of the latest buzzwords in the communications technology today. It is something that more and more people are using in order to communicate with their family, friends, and acquaintances. It is also a technology that more and more businesses are now using to communicate with their clients and business associates.

So, what is it with VoIP that it is now gaining more and more popularity with the people today? First of all, VoIP is quite much like your standard telephone system. However, instead of transmitting analog signals through wires, VoIP converts your voice to digital signals and uses the internet to transmit it. This will mean cheaper and more efficient way to communicate.

VoIP also offers features that are impossible or expensive in conventional landline phones for free or for a very cheap price. If you call another VoIP user using the same VoIP services you are using, the call you place will be free. And, since VoIP uses the internet, long distance calls to landline phones and mobile phones are much cheaper than long distance fees in landline phones. In simple terms, affordability is the main advantage of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

For example, if you use VoIP in your computer and you are from the United States and you want to call your friend in Europe but using the same VoIP software, the calls will usually be free.

Another great thing about VoIP is that it will include free features that conventional landline phones will usually charge you an extra fee for the service. Features such as caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, return call, repeat dial, and three-way calling can be provided in VoIP as a standard package for free. Some can even include video calls for free. This means that you will be able to see the person you are talking to by just using a webcam.

VoIP calls are also programmable in some software. This means that by using the caller ID features, you can give a particular caller a busy signal or redirect them to a particular number.

Now that you know how VoIP works in a general sense, you now have to know what is required in order to have one hooked up in your own home or in your office.

The first thing you need is a broadband internet connection. You need a high speed internet connection in order to efficiently get your calls to the other end without delays or lags. You will also need a home computer or an IP phone in order to start placing your calls through VoIP. When you are using your computer, all you need to have is a VoIP software program that can be downloaded for free over the internet. This software will act as your VoIP phone with numbered keypads. When using your computer, you will also need a microphone and a speaker.

However, if you prefer the traditional way of chatting in the telephone by using VoIP, you can get an IP phone system that is readily available through your VoIP service provider. Some service provider lets you choose between different models of an IP phone. Some looks like a standard telephone and some have video capabilities.

You can also convert your conventional telephone to a VoIP capable phone by installing a device called ATA or Analog Telephone Adapter. This converts the analog signal generated by your standard telephone to digital format to be transmitted in the internet.

Unlike IP phones where it already has an RJ 45 Ethernet connector, the standard phone has a standard RJ 11 connector. The ATA can let you convert your analog phone into a digital phone or VoIP capable phone by letting you connect it to the RJ 11 slot and the other slot will be the RJ 45 Ethernet connector where it will be used to connect to the internet or to your computer.

Now that you see all the benefits of VoIP, you can now consider getting one in your own home. However, you have to realize the fact that VoIP also has disadvantages. You have to consider that it is dependent on electricity and an active internet connection for it to work. So, in case of a power outage or a disconnected internet connection for any reason at all, you will not be able to use the VoIP phone system.