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VoIP Phone

How VoIP phone connects you anywhere in the globe

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), a technological breakthrough on communication, allows you to route voice conversations using a broadband internet connection or any Internet Protocol-based network instead of the typical phone line. VoIP is also known by the names: IP telephony, broadband telephony, internet telephony, voice over broadband or broadband phone.

There are numerous advantages on using Voip over the standard phone line. Primarily, you can automatically receive incoming phone calls whenever you are connected to the internet. This is regardless of the network you use. While talking on the phone, you can simultaneously use the other programs in your computer. And even if you are on a trip, you just need a mobile phone that connects to the internet and it's as good as you're home. Incoming calls due to your home will be treated as local calls wherever you connect to the internet.

Another advantage is that VoIP to VoIP call is usually free of charge. However, VoIP to PSTN call is charged to the VoIP user.

In addition to VoIP service advantages especially to those who have stable internet connection is that it offers faster access and delivers quality voice data.

To top it all, there are added features integrated in VoIP phone services which are not available with the traditional analog phones. These include video conversation, conferencing, sending or exchanging files parallel to the conversation, managing your address book and more.

How does VoIP work? The service converts your voice to digital signals which will travel through the internet to its destination. VoIP services allow you to make calls by a computer or a VoIP phone. A traditional phone can also be used to make and receive calls on cases when the computer is turned off.

The rudimentary requirement of course is a high speed broadband internet connection. A special type of VoIP phone is plugged directly into the broadband connection and thus, it can largely operate just like the traditional phone. However, in case you want to use your traditional telephone, you will need to connect it to a VoIP adapter. The service provider will provide the dial tone. When using the computer, you will need the VoIP software and microphone to make calls.

How does the VoIP system work for long distance or local calls? Normally, you will be asked to choose an area code which maybe different from the area code of where you live. This will be the determinant of the long distance or local calls. If the person calling you is outside the area or the service covered in your VoIP, he will be charged for a long distance call. Nevertheless, there are variations depending upon the terms of your VoIP provider. In fact, there are VoIP providers that offer a flat rate for a certain time limit anywhere you call.

So who can you call with your VoIP service? This will again depend on the terms and services of the VoIP provider. Basically, you will be able to call anyone with a telephone or mobile number. This includes local, long distance or international numbers. The person you are calling will no longer need any special device other than his phone to receive your VoIP call. There are VoIP providers that allow simultaneous calls or voice conferences. 

The disadvantage of VoIP phones is that some services don't work when there is power outage. For this reason, VoIP providers usually provide the backup power. Another disadvantage is that you will need to be constantly connected to the internet in order to receive or make calls. But if you want to continuously receive calls, you can divert the call to the analog phone or mobile phone. Another course is to activate the voice mail box where your messages will be stored when you can't attend to them.

Since not all VoIP providers offer the directory assistance or white page listing, choose the one that does. Make sure also that your VoIP provider can directly connect you to the emergency service 911. Nonetheless, calling 911 through your VoIP phone will be treated differently from that using the traditional phone. In any manner, what counts is that you can readily seek for help for instances when you need them.

With a VoIP phone, you are connected everywhere in the globe.