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Satellite Finder

satellite finder 

Locking on to your satellite signal is now a one-person operation.

Satellite Signal Meter displays signal strength, according to dish position, with an easy-to-read analog needle and audible tone, allowing you to make necessary adjustments without having to yell back and forth from the window. Quickly installs between the satellite dish and receiver and includes a 3', 75 ohm cable for easy hook-up. Meter is powered by satellite receiver, so there's no additional power connection. Buy at Camping World
satellite finder


See what your satellite dish sees to avoid obstacles when setting up. Precision dish alignment tool lets you aim your dish to avoid obstacles such as trees or buildings that can block satellite signal reception. Both azimuth and elevation can be viewed simultaneously for ultimate accuracy. Use the included dish mount to aim your dish, with no need to level pole. Works with all satellite and internet dishes. Buy at Camping World
satellite compass

Find the satellite fast with digital accuracy.

Digital Compass is the world's smallest and lightest yet it's highly accurate. Easy-to-read LCD display helps you see what direction to aim your satellite dish. Easy calibration and operation. Set it to shut off automatically in 1-6 minutes to conserve battery life. Includes lithium battery, neck cord and key ring clip. Buy at Camping World 

Satellite Finder Compass

satellite finder compassSimple instructions printed on the Compass for convenience. Use local zip code to obtain the azimuth setting from satellite receiver and aim your dish in the direction indicated by the compass. Fast, accurate needle in liquid-filled waterproof vial. Works great with #14067 Satellite Signal Meter for easy alignment. Buy at Camping World