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RV Satellite Internet Dish Setup

I bought my equipment from 3i Communications (Now Tech Mobile Communications

No tools are required and a full manual is supplied. Setting up the tripod is fairly straight forward.

I found that you should extend the tripod to the full height and "eyeball it" for level. Close is good enough at this stage.

The tripod legs are easily adjusted with these quick locks - pull the lever up to move the leg, snap it down to lock the position.


rv satellite tripod

rv satellite tripod

During my first intial setup, I spent a lot time getting the tripod platform leveled perfectly. But when I added the dish and arm, the level was way out.
Now I get it almost right, then add the dish and arm, and then spend the time to get it level.



All the attachments are by hand wheels so that no tools are needed.
Everything fits well and attaches quickly.

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More to follow.

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