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RV Satellite Internet Access Service Providers

  Regular Internet businessmen often get bugged and bogged down by slow and intermittent dial-up modem connections or cable Internet connections. Time consuming downloads, broken voice chats and video conferencing affects people who do business from remote locations. Time is money, and they cannot afford to have technical glitches. The advent of satellite technology was a boon for surfers for whom the Internet is part and parcel of life.

Satellite Internet access is very fast and is preferred over any other type. Companies and organizations that need constant and affordable access choose satellite Internet connections, as it is much faster than either cable or DSL connections. The advantage of satellite connectivity is its accessibility even in remote areas. Providers usually rent satellites from companies and use them to connect to their clients.

Though the United States has many satellite Internet access service providers, there are only two using their own satellites - StarBand and DirecWay. All other operators in America function through agreements with the owners of DirecWay and Hughes Network Services. StarBand provides access for small businesses and residential Internet, where as DirecWay targets medium and large businesses. The connectivity of StarBand comes with 10 free email accounts, 10 MB for web hosting and a static IP address for $49 to $99 dollars per month apart from the equipment and set up charges. DirecWay provides 5 email accounts and two-way Internet access in their consumer connection for $99 dollars a month. Apart from these two companies, there are other good providers including OptiStreams, Skycasters and LincSat. These providers use the services and features of DirecWay to provide Internet access to their clients.

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